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It is important to all residents that the community respect the need for homeowners to make changes to their property while at the same time balancing the needs of the overall community and protecting property values. The Architectural Review Committee provides the framework for owners to follow and bases decisions on the documented Restrictive Covenants of Stirrup Creek and Pagehurst.

For more information on the guidelines please read the Architectural Guidelines found on the Documents and Forms page or read below the highlights on the most requested topics

Architectural Application Form (pdf, 110KB)

If you are planning any alterations to the exterior of your home such as a fence, storage building, garage, addition, or other projects, please complete the Architectural Request Form and send to Lumina Community Management. The Architectural Review Committee will review the submission and make a recommendation to the Board. The Board of Directors makes final decisions and accept or deny the application at their monthly meeting. The application can be found on the Documents and Forms page.

Volunteers are Needed

If you are interested in volunteering for any of SCHOA committees or the Board of Directors please contact us.

Most Requested Guidelines

Deck/Patio Additions of Renovations: All construction must conform to applicable building codes (ex: step tread width/heights, loading, railing heights, etc.). Decking and railing materials should be either cedar, redwood, or treated pine. Foundation materials should be brick or concrete.

House Additions or Exterior Renovation: All construction must conform to applicable building codes. Exterior should be constructed of the same materials as the existing structure. Exterior must be painted the same color as the existing structure.

Stand-Alone Structure Additions (Storage, Playhouse, Treehouse, etc.): Stand-alone structures should be in the least conspicuous location possible and follow the Stirrup Creek covenants and Restrictions. Easements and right-of-ways must be observed. Exterior should be constructed of the same materials as the residence. The exterior of the structure must be painted the same color as the residence. The general appearance shall be that the structure is an integral part of the house. METAL SHED AND METAL SWINGSETS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

Fence Additions: No fence, wall, hedge, or mass planting shall be permitted to extend beyond the minimum building setback line except upon approval of the Architectural Committee. Metal fences are not allowed except upon approval of the Architectural Committee. Under no circumstances will metal fences be allowed along the front line of the enclosure. Fence additions must be wholly located on the homeowner's property with all easements and right-of-ways observed.

Landscaping: Architectural Committee approval is only required for significant landscape changes or removal of trees larger than six (6) inches in diameter. Garden plots should be inconspicuously located in the rear of the property.

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